30 Days of Bite-Sized Blog Set-Up Tasks

Here are 30 tasks that will walk you through every step of setting up your wordpress so that you have a clean, working blog you can build a niche business with – as an affiliate, info product entrepreneur, or a hybrid or both. It’s perfect for those who get overwhelmed at the task of launching a blog, or for those who just don’t have time to do it all in one sitting.

  • Day 1: Install WordPress Using QuickInstall
  • Day 2: Log in and Get Familiar with Your Dashboard
  • Day 3: Go Straight to the Updates
  • Day 4: Remove the Placeholder Post
  • Day 5: Set Up Your Post Categories
  • Day 6: Clean Up the Existing Pages
  • Day 7: Pick a Theme for Your Blog
  • Day 8: Customize Your Site Identity
  • Day 9: Customize Your Header Image
  • Day 10: Customize Your Widgets
  • Day 11: Delete the Bloated Plugins from Your Blog
  • Day 12: Set Up a Contact Form on Your Blog
  • Day 13: Add a Social Sharing Plugin
  • Day 14: Set Up the General Settings for Your Blog
  • Day 15: Adjust Your Writing Settings
  • Day 16: Customize Your Reading Settings
  • Day 17: Choose How You Want Discussions to Unfold
  • Day 18: Make a Selection for Your Permalinks
  • Day 19: Install a WordPress Editorial Calendar
  • Day 20: Add an Affiliate Disclosure Notice
  • Day 21: Grab Your List Building Code
  • Day 22: Create an About Me Page
  • Day 23: Add Ads to Your Sidebar
  • Day 24: Create Your First Blog Post
  • Day 25: Socialize Your New Content
  • Day 26: Consider an SEO Plugin for Your Site
  • Day 27: Analyze the Data of Your Blog Visitors
  • Day 28: Create a Pillar Blog Post
  • Day 29: Find Images to Use with Your Niche Content
  • Day 30: Get Your Blog Into Google’s Publisher Center
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