30 Day Self-Publishing Blueprint helps you understand the non-fiction or fiction strategy of self-publishing. Whether it’s for sheer income, or to enhance your branding and traffic measures, this daily task list will guide you in the right direction.

Day 1: Decide Whether You Want to Publish Fiction or Non-Fiction
Day 2: Come Up with a Pen Name If You Want To
Day 3: Purchase a Domain for Your Publishing
Day 4: Get a Hosting Account and Set Up an Author Blog
Day 5: Have Professional Graphics Created for Your Brand
Day 6: Register Your Social Media Author Accounts
Day 7: Brainstorm the Outline of Your Book
Day 8: Begin Writing a Chapter a Day
Day 9: Have an Editor Go Over Your Work
Day 10: Sign Up for an Amazon Author Account
Day 11: Have a Professional Cover Made for Your First Book
Day 12: Create a Blurb for Your Book Listing
Day 13: Join Author Groups to Help You Succeed
Day 14: Learn How to Get a Bookbub Deal
Day 15: Study Paid Facebook Ads
Day 16: Learn Amazon AMS Ads
Day 17: Start Teasing Your Audience on BookTok
Day 18: Begin Building a Presence on Goodreads
Day 19: Format Your Book on Vellum
Day 20: Give Out ARCs to Set Yourself Up for Reviews
Day 21: Decide Whether You Want to Publish Exclusively on Amazon
Day 22: Get Set Up on IngramSpark and Publish
Day 23: Consider Using D2D for Publishing
Day 24: Look at Smashwords for Self-Publishing
Day 25: Get Set Up on Apple and Google Play for Publishing
Day 26: Set Up Your Account on Nook and Publish
Day 27: Set Up a Kobo Account and Publish
Day 28: Consider Adding Audiobooks to Your Sales
Day 29: Prepare and Tease Your Next Upcoming Release
Day 30: Launch a Pre-Order on Amazon for Your Next Book

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