Competitive Niche Research: As a new (or experienced) marketer here are some things you need to be scouting out before you embark on a plan to build an entire business in a particular niche. From products you can promote to keywords and competition, this gives you one idea every day to implement so that when you finally commit to a niche, you know it’s a solid choice

– Day 1: Brainstorm a List of Your Interests, Knowledge and Passions
– Day 2: Make a List of the Niche Pain Points and Problems
– Day 3: Conduct Some In-Depth Keyword Research
– Day 4: Create a List of Sub-Topics for Each Niche You’re Considering
– Day 5: Map Out Niche Topics That Complement the Originals
– Day 6: See What’s Being Said About It in the News
– Day 7: Check for Rising or Falling Trends
– Day 8: Stop By Forums to See What the Needs Are
– Day 9: Find Out If There’s an Audience for the Niche on Facebook
– Day 10: Look to See If the Niche Is ‘Gram-Worthy
– Day 11: Peek on Pinterest to See If It Has a Following
– Day 12: See If You Can Discover Any Tik Toks on Your Topic
– Day 13: Conduct a YouTube Search for the Niche
– Day 14: Take a Look at What’s Being Covered By Trade and Consumer Magazines
– Day 15: View the Podcast List for Your Topic
– Day 16: Spy on the Competition to See Where They’re Failing and Succeeding
– Day 17: Make Note of Tangible Products You Can Promote as an Affiliate
– Day 18: List All of the Digital Products You Can Earn Commissions From
– Day 19: See If There Are Any Subscription Offers for the Niche
– Day 20: Spot Holes in the Marketplace That Would Make Good Info Products
– Day 21: Map Out the Common Denominators for Product Funnels in the Niche
– Day 22: Chart the Price Points That Are Being Used and How They Perform
– Day 23: Jot Down a List of Top-Performing Affiliates in the Niche
– Day 24: Cross Reference Your Affiliate List with Launch Perks
– Day 25: See If the Niche Has Merch Money Potential
– Day 26: Look for Printable Profit Opportunities
– Day 27: Find Out If Anyone Offers Coaching as an Income Stream in Your Niche
– Day 28: Make Sure You Have Access to Easy and Affordable Niche Content
– Day 29: Make a List of Courses You Can Take to Level Up with Your Expertise
– Day 30: Check to See What Domains Are Available



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