Increasing Earnings Over Time as an Affiliate

As time goes on, you will be able to level up with your earnings. What started out as a simple and consistent publication of blog post reviews can transform into a multimedia empire where you are covering all bases with an audio podcast, video reviews, graphics and infographics, and of course, text.

If you want to grow your earnings outside of your blog, make sure you have a presence on all relevant social media networks where the target audience for your niche is active. You’ll want to check out sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, YouTube, and more to see if you can grow up following.

Make sure you are driving traffic back to your website, where they can read the numerous product reviews that you have put up in detail with the links. Depending on the social network rules, you may be able to link out to individual products from each item that you publish there.

One thing you may not have considered as an affiliate marketer, is that you can build a list of subscribers. This is not something that is your reserved solely for digital info product creators.

As an affiliate, you can reach out to your loyal subscribers on a regular basis whenever you have a new product review ready for them to consume. You will also be able to steer them in the right direction whenever you find out about a special discount or sale that they need to know about.

Make sure you create a lead magnet offer that entices people to sign up to your list. This could be a buyer’s guide or a tip sheet that helps them learn how to shop smart for the niche products they are interested in.

Once you have these people on your list, you can not only send them to your blog to consume the product reviews you have posted, but you can also make recommendations directly within the email itself, depending on the rules of the platform you are promoting.


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