30 Day Social Media Success Plan will helps online entrepreneurs with a strategic plan to utilize social media to boost exposure of their brand, generate free traffic to their site, build a list, and increase revenue.

Day 1: Decide How You Want to Be Known on Social Platforms
Day 2: Know Your Goals with Social Media
Day 3: Have Graphics That Are Identical Across Platforms
Day 4: Create Avatars of Your Social Audience for Messaging
Day 5: Gather Keywords for Use as Hashtags
Day 6: Scout Out Social Platforms to Find Your Target Audience
Day 7: Set Up a Profile, Page and Group on Facebook
Day 8: Stake Claim to a YouTube Channel of Your Own
Day 9: Register an Instagram Account for Your Brand
Day 10: Create a Pinterest Account and Set Up Your Boards
Day 11: Sign Up on TikTok with a Brand Account
Day 12: Strike a Combination of Branding and Personalization
Day 13: Know When to Post Your Content
Day 14: See What Media Format Best Resonates with Your Followers
Day 15: Watch the Engagement on Your Posts
Day 16: Encourage Others to Share Your Content
Day 17: Create a Lead Magnet to Turn Followers Into Subscribers
Day 18: Have a Profit Strategy in Mind for Your Social Accounts
Day 19: Make Sure Every Post Includes a Call to Action
Day 20: Prepare a Content Publishing Calendar for Your Accounts
Day 21: Repurpose Content from One Platform to Another
Day 22: Collaborate and Network with Other Leaders on Social Networking Sites
Day 23: Use New Features as They Become Available
Day 24: Highlight the Engagement of Your Fans
Day 25: Spy on Competitors’ Social Activity
Day 26: Consider Using Paid Ads on Social Platforms
Day 27: Get Good at Short Form Videos
Day 28: Implement a Social Customer Service Plan on Each Platform
Day 29: Weed Out Imposter Accounts Whenever You Find Them
Day 30: Branch Out on Newer Forms of Social Media

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